A bit about ourselves. He is turning 60 and she is turning 40. Married for 16 years. We tend to be a bit sedentary, but like to be friendly. We booked a stay at Couples Negril with the hope of having a nice, romantic vacation with nice friendly people. Our dates are June 22-29. We have been reading these boards extensively for awhile now along with other sources to gleen as much info as possible.

We have noticed lately quite a few mentions and complaints about large, rowdy groups of drunken people that have caused others problems. While we understand it is a vacation and liquor is flowing freely we are hoping for an atmosphere where most understand what the term decorum means. We like to dress for dinner and we like the feel of quiet elegance.

We have also noticed many "entitled" people that seem to suggest they should be able to make the rules considering things like dinner dress codes and use of he AN areas.

We know this post will open us to some criticism, but we are trying to decide if a different place is better suited to our needs. Couples Negril looks and seems a wonderful place for us. Perhaps this is unwarranted jitters? Any advise and comments are very welcomed.