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    Default Golf packages at Couples Negril

    We are bringing some new friends with us this year in December. The husband likes to golf. Can anyone fill me in on the golf packages that are available from Couples Negril. If so what are the costs?


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    There is a shuttle that departs every day at 0800 hrs and 1300 hrs to take you to the course. Green fees are included in your stay at CN. All you are responsible for are the caddie fees ($7.00 USD for 9 holes per caddy) and the caddy tip (Typically $10 USD for 9 holes per golfer), and refreshments for yourselves and the caddies on the course.

    If you are planning on playing more than one round, I would suggest that your bring your clubs along - I think the rental is $25, but am not sure as I never rent. If you are going to rent, remember to bring along a glove, tees and golf balls. This year we played the course in running shoes and it was not bad. If you bring your clubs along, they can be safely left at the course for rest of your vacation, so you don't have to lug them back and forth every day (a very nice free feature).

    If you want to do 18 holes, I would suggest the morning, and then the afternoon for 9 holes. You can do 18 holes in the afternoon on a cart, but it is quite rushed.

    The course is in the best shape that I have seen over the past several years. It is very hilly.

    The caddies have started a rotation as business is a bit slow, but you can alway ask to see if Sharron and Stacy are working. If you get one of them, please say hi from Will and Jen. Neville is also a good caddy.

    Enjoy the golf,

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    Thank you Will and Jen!!!! That information is just what I was looking for!!!!

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