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    I am here at CSS for the first time, having spent many a lovely holiday at CSA and CN. I'll post a proper review when we get home in a few weeks, but thought I'd make a stairs comment now.

    I think the stairs are a bit over-talked up as a problem - it nearly put me off booking - but honestly they really are no big deal at all. From the very very bottom to the very very top (and you don't do the whole thing often) they are only the equivalent of say 4 or 5 flights of ordinary house stairs, and they are mostly broken up by beautiful planted walkways, view points and landings into smaller chunks. I am an ordinary not very fit 52 year old and I honestly barely notice them. If you are infirm there is also a lift (as in elevator) plus a guy with a buggy who will drive you if you like.


    PS CSS in general is totes amazeballs!

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    Exactly my thoughts on CSS and the stairs! "I am an ordinary not very fit 52 year old and I honestly barely notice them." Ditto for me except change the age to 47! Say hello to Andrew from Lori and Terry in Wisconsin if he makes you a cocktail!

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    Thanks for sharing that info Ruth . I do have arthritis so was a little bit concerned but figured after a couple days of the nice warm temps I would be ok . Plus I won't be in a hurry going anywheres so I can take my time . First thing I'm going to do when I get there is check out the mineral pool and have a message so that will probably be a good start .

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    While I agree that the stairs aren't a huge issue, I think you're a fair bit off in your estimate. I think I counted 103 steps from bottom to top.

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    Hi Ruth,

    Could not agree with you more, those stairs add to the ambiance, and ovrall romance of the resort!!! LOVE CSS!!!!!! Beauty around every turn!



    CN 06, 07
    CSS 08, 10
    CN April, 2013

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    We almost didn't book at CSS because of the complaints about the stairs. I think it really is overblown however. From the beach level, to the top of the resort is 82 steps. There is also a back path that is a slower incline and virtually no steps and is an easier walk. The resort will absolutely pick you up and drive you if that is what you require. Unless you have a mobility problem, the steps are not a big deal. I can however see that if you were staying in one of the buildings higher up (not A or B) and forgot something in your room that you wanted on the beach, it would be an inconvenience. We stay beachfront and have a medium sized beach bag and just shlep everything we think we might need along with us.

    Scott and June

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    We too were concerned with the issue of the steps and the height (as my spouse is not a height person). We were very pleased to find that neither of these concerns had any merit. CSS is one of our most favorite resorts (right there with CSA and CN). While the view may not be as expansive as the building higher up, we prefer the Beach Front buildings. While most of our activities are on the ground level, we do enjoy and take advantage of the walks/steps. And if we have a dinner up top and my spouse is all dolled up with heels, we call for a pick up and within minutes they are right there. For us it is a non-issue and will be there for 9 days starting May 7th.

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    I fully agree. I am young but have chronic asthma. The stairs were not a big deal. And like u said CSS is "totes amazeballs" 100%! 80 days for me!!!

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