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    Default Garden View Rooms at CTI

    My husband and I have been to CN twice, and of course, absolutely loved it. We typically enjoy ground level floors (wherever we go)so as to not have to worry about elevators, stairs, and whatnot, and at CN, our rooms have always been lovely. This year, we are trying CTI for a change, but not knowing anything about the rooms or the layout of this resort, I am wondering where the best location is. Chances are, we will never upgrade to an ocean view room since we are just not that worried about it, but I have read that some rooms are noisier, bigger, newer than others??? If anyone can offer some insight to this, I would greatly appreciate it, as I would like to try to put in a request with the hotel to get a room that is more suited to our needs. Thanks!!

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    i love the ground floor rooms. we stayed at cti in garden view and loved it! i liked the big patio. i wld sit on the patio every morning and night just enjoying the peace and quite. the rooms r on backside of the resort so u do here the occasional dish carts and employees but that never bothered me. and dont forget about the 3 parrots. they scared the crap out of my wife the first day. as far as the room goes it wasnt huge but it was nice. bathroom was a little small for my wife. but the huge draw for me was the oversized patio. overall we liked cti but next trip will be back to negril. we stayed at csa for r honeymoon but we want to try cn for r next couples trip

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