My husband and I are faithful CSS lovers. We have never ventured to any of the other couples resorts because we love CSS so much. However, we are now faced with the dilemma of deciding on a couples in Negril. I know, I know, what a dilemma.

We are looking to get away last minute at the end of March, and CSS is SOLD OUT!!!!

So if we cant get to CSS, then I think we should at least check out the other side of the island, which leads to the decision of Couples Negril Or Swept Away.

I have read trip advisor reviews, and more recent stuff on this board. But I still cant decide.

I hoping to get some feed back from some of you who have experienced these resorts.

I know people say, one will call to you. And that usually the first Couples you go to, will generally be the one you love the most.

We love CSS, because of the size, and its character.

CN is defnitly smaller then CSA, and everything seems centerally located. But it seems that the rooms at CN are peoples biggest concern? Food seems to be fairly comparable between the two.

If anyone can give me their opinion or information on either CN or CSA, I would be very greatful.