I have been looking through some of the old posts talking about “Included” Horseback riding but I don’t see anything on the list of included activities. Am I blind and missed it or are they no longer offering that? So I guess I will just ask a bunch of questions in one post.
Is horseback riding included at CTI?

If not , can you still purchase it though CTI?
If so how much?
Do they still support it, as in give you transport to and from the location or are you entirely on your own?

If it is included, despite “No tipping” is it still a good idea to bring $$ for that, and on that note, anyone who has been before is there anything we should bring. Common sense says camera, maybe water/something to drink but anything else?

PS we are booked for May 11th-18th if that makes any difference.

Thanks in advance for your help.