I’m looking at the panorama view of the Atrium Suites from the map on the Couples website. Directly across from the bed is a wall of louvers that appear to open up into another room. What is in there? It looks like maybe common area with tile floors and large potted plants. I am looking at the yellow chair with the white cushion. The green bench on the balcony is to my left and the louvered wall is directly in front of me. What is behind there? That can’t be part of the suite we’re in can it? Is it a public atrium between the other room on that floor?

Am I correct to assume each Atrium Suite building has 2 floors with 2 rooms on each floor? Does anyone have some pictures they could post for me? I would love to see a floor plan of one of those buildings. Do all of the Atrium Suite buildings have the same layout?