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    Default I won't remember......

    I wonít remember how cold my fingers were, even here in the house. Itís 65 degrees inside. The wind is howling around 20-30 miles an hour. Huge Oak and Maple trees stand against the rushing air. Their limbs remain ridged and strong. The branches, however, are bouncing in every direction. Iím surprised that they donít break and plummet to the ground. Then again, this isnít their first face to face. The branches bend and twist, but never lose their grip.
    I wonít remember this.

    I wonít remember what a pain it was to scrape the snow off of my car, at 4:30 in the morning so I could go to work. At 5 a.m., we start to unload an 18 wheeler. Truck day at A. C. Moore. Anywhere from 15 to 28 pallets. Off the truck and into the store. I wonít think about the harsh biting wind that smacks me in the face as I drag the pallet jack out of the truck, onto the loading dock and into the building. It wonít even cross my mind.

    I wonít remember how unbearable the long winter days and nights can be. Dark when you go to work in the morning, dark by 4:30 in the afternoon. What ever sun we are lucky enough to get, offers nothing in the way of warmth. Itís as though the sun is nothing more than big light bulb. Plenty of illumination with out a trace of heat.
    And speaking of heat, I will be glad to forget how much the oil bill was for this heating season. This will not enter my head.

    I wonít remember or complain about how much clothing I have to put on just to go outside. And regardless of how much I bundle up against the elements, Iím still cold. The shoveling. The driving. More shoveling. This too will all be forgotten. It will be out of my mind.

    I will only be in ďthe momentĒ. A Buddhist philosophy. Bathed in the golden glow and warmth of seemingly unlimited sunshine. Caresses by gentle breezes that carry the fragrance of salt from the turquoise blue ocean. New friends and old, enjoying each others company. Sharing stories. Sharing laughter and life. These things I will keep in the foreground of my mind. I will treasure and remember them often and with great pleasure.

    I will remember every day as I sit on the balcony watching Syl as she does an early morning pre breakfast swim, how incredibly fortunate we have been over the past twenty years. To have discovered Jamaica at all was not something we had planned on. Just like so many other things and incidents in our lives, we hadnít planed on.
    But we are here, at this moment, and there is nothing else.

    I will remember every minute of every day and night that I spend at my very very happy place. Over time, I will revisit each scene in this play of passion. I will remember and recapture the moments I spent throughout every day, bringing a smile to my lips and a wonderfully warm sensation to my soul. Peaceful. Enjoyable. Comforting.

    For now, I can only remember how splendid and marvelous the experience has been from trips from the past.
    Thoughts and emotions lasting so much longer than the actual time I spent there. Weeks and months can go by and I still remember and cherish every afternoon spent doing this, or and evening that developed doing that. Enjoyable, Comforting. Uplifting.

    Soon, I will return to my enchanted play land. Where once again I will fill my cup to overflowing with more precious and priceless times of my life. I will be immersed completely and entirely in every minute that captures my attention. And I will bring back with me, all that I have seen and heard and done. They will remain with me, tucked away in that special place in my mind. And perhaps, on some distant cold snowy day of the winters to come, I will remember some of those tropical treasures I have tucked away in my mind. Then, I will just sit back for moment or two, and smile quietly. Yup. I will just close my eyes and sit there. Just smiling and remembering.

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    I DO remember how cold my fingers were...

    I Do remember scraping the snow off my car in the wind...

    I Do remember the long dark days of winter...

    I Do remember all the layers of clothes and the boots...

    So.....that's why we left Massachusetts and moved to Florida in 2003!!!

    And now it's only an hour and 15 minute flight "home" to Jamaica! LOL.....

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