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    Default Scuba at Dickie's Reef

    Shot this video while diving on Dickie's Reef with Chris Hamilton from the Dive shop. It was supposed to be a full dive boat but the beach party had a few people partying a bit late and I was the only diver who showed up. So Chris and I had a nice private dive on the reef. Check it out:

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    So serene. Can't wait to dive with Richardo at CN this summer. ALTHOUGH I'm going to Dubai for work in June and will try to get some dives in while there too!!! Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for sharing. My wife and I decided today to book a trip for June and the diving was something that really sold us. Ive heard good things about their gear etc, though I usually dive with my own I may make an exception for this trip.

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    Nice video. What did you use to shoot it?
    Jamaica Us Happy
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