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    Default Seaweed problem?

    I haven't been on the message board for awhile, so forgive me if this question, has been asked. I was wondering if Negril and Ocho Rios are experiencing a problem with sargassum (sea grass/seaweed) like they are in the Cancun, Playa del Carmen region. I want to come back home but if the beach is filled with smelly and yukky seaweed - I may have to stay away. Thanks for any help -

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    No "yukky seaweed" at Ocho Rios last week (just the standard CSS seaweed).

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    Just back from 2 weeks at CSS, 30 Nov to 14 Dec. Zero seaweed on Sunset Beach this time, though we had a little every day when we were there in May 15, but this was quickly removed by the watersports and gardener guys. There appeared to be a small amount on the main beach this time which was quickly cleared each day, but way less than what we experienced at CTI in Dec 2014, when huge amounts of seaweed came in on several days that took the guys all day to clear completely.

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    No from what I've read.

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    For us, it hasn't been a problem. About the only time we saw seaweed was when there was a storm off shore that churned up the ocean. For a day or so you would see some seaweed on the beach. But never was bad enough that we considered this a problem. This is because the Couple staff did a great job of keeping their beaches clean. This has also been covered in posts to this forum last year. I think that you would find this a non-issue.
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    Just back from CSS a couple week ago. The water sports staff had to clean a bit of "yucky seaweed" off the beach each morning. It's not a large problem though. We did not see any on the beach at CN last February. Have fun in the sun and enjoy the beach!

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