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    Default Do they sell bottled water at CSA?

    I am wondering if they sell bottled water at CSA, perhaps at the gift shop? I know the water is safe to drink, per friends that have been there but since I have a sensitive stomach, I'd rather not risk it. Let me know if I can purchase water. Thanks!

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    Yes I think they do but you can ask for it in your minibar and at the bars.

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    yes they have free bottled water

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    Do they have Pepsi or Coke and what type of beers beside Red Stripe?

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    Last time we were at csa, (2011) they had Pepsi and diet Pepsi in the minibars and bars. Ting also which is a Jamaican grapefruit soda like Fresca if you're old enough to remember that!
    Ive heard you can get Guinness at the sports bar across the road. Not sure besides red stripe in the minibars.

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    Bottled water is free, but the tap water tastes better. Don't know how they process it, but it is better than anything I have ever had.

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