Hi there- My name is Kim and my husband is Mike. We are in the planning phase of our very first all inclusive vacation and travel to Jamaica. We are generally cruisers and have gone on 4 cruises in 3 years. But I have fallen in love with the idea of an all-inclusive vacation. This will be a special one for husband and I in January 2014. He turns 50 in October 2013 and will be completing nursing school in December 2013. So January 2014 (boohoo that it is so far away) is the time we have chosen to travel. We have not booked yet since Couples doesn't have the 2014 dates out. But I will as soon as they do. We are going split our time 5 days at CSA and 5 days at CN. So I will basically be writing the same thing on the CSA "meet up board". Anyone going to be at CN January 2014? Hope to see you there. Have a few drinks and have a great time meeting new people. Yeah Mon!