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    Default WIFI at CN...where is it good and where is it best

    This will be our 5 time to CN, but this year we are coming on a different week and I will need to run payroll from my laptop and will need internet access of course. Where does the WIFI work best and can I use it in my room. No I don't know my room, but have you had luck with it when in your room/building?? Thanks for the help. I know it will work, but just unsure of where

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    The last time my wife and I were at CN we were sort of checking different places to see where it worked and where it didn't. We don't use WiFi alot but were interested to see how well it worked. We didn't try everywhere obviously, but it seemed to work (and work well!) everywhere we went except for inside Lychee.
    The one thing I noticed was that as we moved around we sometimes had to re-select the closest router but it was easy to do. Overall I was very satisfied with how it worked for us last time. We'll check again in June!

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    Great question! I was wondering this myself
    CN Feb 2013

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    Never had wifi issues at CN...and if I recall right, the signal seems to get stronger each year. We have stayed in 6, 1 & 5. Friends staying in 7 had no issues.

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    wifi works just about everywhere on the resort as far as I know. I used it in my room, at the grill, on the beach, ect... this was in Aug

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    My room was over towards the right of the dining area (if looking at the dinning area) and I was able to get decent WiFi on the patio. The room was hit or miss.

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    Service in our room (Building 9) was hit and miss. Sometimes it was super fast. Other times, it was super slow. Location within the room within the room didn't seem to make much difference; it was a bit better on the balcony. However, you can always go to the Internet room, where service is terrific.

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