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    Default Anyone ship their flowers home after wedding?

    We are getting married at cti on oct 20 and i would like some advice on shipping our wedding flowers home that day. I am having them put into a painting and need them to be safe and secure. I know we aren't the first couple to do this but i haven't seen anyone talk about it on mb. Please help!!!!! Im a desperate nervous bride to be!! Thanks, jenn

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    As far as I know you cannot bring any live flowers or plants into the United States from Jamaica. I was so sad to have to go off and leave my bouquet. Hopefully I'm wrong and maybe there is a way that you can ship them, but I've never heard of it.

    Also, my husband had a hat made of palm leaves that he loved and it was confiscated by US Customs in Miami. They took it right off his head! He wasn't very happy about that, I must say!
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

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    Not sure if you can ship flowers/plants from Jamaica to back home. There are very strict customs regulations that do not allow it. There are many reasons that they do not allow and all are very valid such as insects and disease

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    If you can, it will cost a fortune and take forever. That means no fresh flowers when they arrive. Your best bet is to take photos of the flowers from all angles close up and your painter should be able to work from this.

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    Well i know it has been a while but i figure i will update this. We actually brought our flowers home in a tupperware and customs didnt say anything. was in our checked baggage. Course the grilled cheese and spilled rum may have covered the smell some when the dog came up to my bag! Guess he was preoccupied with the grilled cheese! haha.

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    I packed our flowers in my suitcase. Had no problems. Had them in a couple of zip lock bags. His suit case was gone through an lost a necklace.

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