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    Default Long Time Away 2011 Wedding

    Thanks to everyone for all of your help. So much is appreciated reading all the comments. CN was the resort 'calling' our name and will take note to bring a truckload of Snickers. This will be our first visit to any of the Couples properties for our wedding in 2011. It's "anticipated" (given we can't even book yet, bummer) that a handful of other couples will be joining us throughout our stay from parents to friends at CN. We certainly aren't partiers that will hamper anyone's tranquil romantic stay, as that is what we wish for everyone that joins us. To the question, are the restaurants able to accomodate tables of say 10 or more? Also, I think April/May are supposed to be the windiest/rainiest months in Negril, any feedback?


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    APRIL is a beautiful time to get married in Jamaica (We were married in Jamaica on April 16, 1985)...

    You will usually find BEAUTIFUL weather in April, May can be a little bit more rain but I don't think it's anything to worry about, just afternoon sprinkles from what I've heard...

    Congrats and happy planning!
    Art xo Francine

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    Randymon mentioned in another thread that you can book 2011 at the 2010 rates by calling Couples.


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    Default 2011 Rates

    I've only been watching Couples Resorts for the last couple months. Is there a trend on the increase of the yearly rate? vs. economy? Do any of you actually book thru Orbitz or similar websites for the combined airfare discount? (booking thru couples is more expensive w/ air using "test" dates) If so, do you find the resort will honor requests for a certain bldg or 3rd floor? We want someplace w/ a private patio to sit out w/o any foot traffic...would a gardenview be our best bet? Thanks : )

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    We honeymooned at CN in May 2006. Everthing was PERFECT! Weather in Negril:

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