We are new to both these couples resorts and are having a really hard time deciding between them despite reading the message boards, looking at the pictures and videos. So we came up with the idea of spending 5 nights in one and 5 in the other?

Our main priorities are good food and the ability to do water sports each day - sailing, paddleboarding and snorkelling.

Initially we were going to spend 10 nights in CTI but we are concerned that we might get cabin fever spending 10 days there and so liked the idea of having the pond and more places to walk around at CSS.

Having read some posts and trip advisor though I have understood (maybe incorrectly) that the food is better at CTI but the beach/water is better at CSS for watersports...hence we are now confused!

If anyone can please give us feedback on food at either resort and also if they were able to sail/snorkel from the beach or if this was frequently restricted due to waves etc.

Lastly if anyone has had positive or negative experiences of splitting a ten day trip like this...if it was 2 weeks I wouldn't hesitate I'm just worried that we won't "settle" at either in five nights?

Many thanks in advance!