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    Hi everyone! Ok, so I have a couple questions. My fiance and I are newly engaged and have finally picked a date for our weddingmoon so we are all ready to book, but i was wondering if the majority of people book right through this website or from somewhere else? I noticed if i put the same dates into it gives me a price that is $150 cheaper than booking through couples directly. Has anyone else noticed that?

    Also, any insider tips for booking the flight's? We live in San Diego and it looks like the avg price for a roundtrip ticket is $800, does that sound right or am I just not digging deep enough?

    We will be having about 10 family members w/us so we were thinking about getting married at CN or CSA and then switching to whichever one we didnt get married at for the honeymoon, I'm sure that's possible but it doesnt get too complicated right?

    That's all I can think of for now, I'm sure I'll be back w/a lot more questions! Thanks!

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    Congratulations. Either CN or CSA is a wonderful place to get married. We were married at CN a couple of years ago, but then again we love CN. So which ever on you pick will be great.

    First, regarding booking. I have done both, booked through Couples and booked with a travel agent. I have found a couple of sites that have some great rates, if you would like you can send me an email karin at hegangel dot com and I will be more then happy to share the sites with you.

    As far as your airfare is concerned, I guess the first question is when are you going to Couples? If you are looking far into the future that will effect the prices or if you are trying to travel in the next few weeks. With airfare, timing really is everything.

    Splitting you time is not hard, in fact Couples will transfer you from one resort to the other - so all is good there.

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    We have booked every one of our 16 trips directly with Couples. We don't want to run the risk of a Changes in L'attitudes incident.

    I would get married at CSA and then transfer to CN. CN has a more central layout (see the panoramic views) with restaurants and room buildings surrounding the pool at the center of the resort, while CSA has restaurants at either end. Because CSA is more spread out, it affords the opportunity for more privacy. You can be at the same resort with family and friends but not have to see them all the time.
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    Thanks for the feedback!

    Blondie, we will be there early March, 2010. So I feel it's a pretty good amount of time away, are they only going to get more expensive?? If so we will definitely be booking the flight asap!

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    Hey, first off Congrats! We did our Weddingmoon at CSA 3 years ago, and it was fabulous! With regard to resevations, as a Changes in L'attitudes victim I will never book with anyone but Couples ever again. Also, Make sure you are looking at the "total" price. Couples includes trip insurance in thier quotes, Online TAs (such as Expedia) will offer this as an add on right before you "check out". Not saying they are trying to pull a fast one on you, it's just the way their process is set up. As for airfare, check early and check often. When you find the flight you want, I would advise going to the airline's website and booking with them directly. You can usually save a 5-10 dollar booking fee and if you have to change your plans, it will typically give you more options. regardless of which resort you choose, you are going to have a great time!

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    As far as the flight - if you are booking for next March, it's way too early to book your flight. Really far in advance, and really close to the trip are expensive. Generally, the prices start to come down the closer you get to the trip date. I booked our tickets for August 5-10 directly on Continental in mid-May. I would say anywhere between 8 and 12 weeks before your trip is going to give you the best price. We booked our flight for $340 each, round trip, non stop from Houston to Montego Bay. I saw this price hold for about 3 weeks, and then it slowly started going up. The same flight is now $617, with a month to go until the trip.

    When booking airfare, I become somewhat "obsessive" about it and check often. Sometimes a really great deal will only last a day or 2, it just depends.

    I hope this helps a little. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. I got married on April 4, and it has been a fantastic 3 months!!

    Kirsti Sherlock

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    Kristie is right, March is way to early to book airfare. I am like her, I watch the airfare for months, tracking what it is doing. Here is a hint though regarding airfare, you usually get the cheapest rates if you book on Tuesday or Wednesday at like, 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning EST. I know it sounds really dumb, but a friend of mine who is a TA told me that a couple of years ago, and she is right. From what I understand it is when the airlines post any specials or sales. So do you research so you know what flights you want and go from there.

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    Thank you all very much...all the info has helped a lot! I will definitely wait a few more months now before booking something!

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    In regards to airfare, we live in Reno, NV and it seems extremely expensive to get to Jamaica. It seems to runs us around $800 per person and I check airfares all the time.

    That being said, we booked our airfare last September and we are leaving next week - mid July. I use American and this year we are traveling on one free ticket and one purchased - that helps with the costs!

    Have fun!

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    what is Changes in L'attitudes? getting ready to book our first trip too.

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    Changes in L'attitudes is/was a travel agent that took peoples money and did not pay the resorts or airlines. When it was time to go, they had no trip. Most did get their money back because they used a credit card. It was a mess.

    DO NOT USE THEM. Shown below is the post from Randymon:

    Posted on Thursday, July 17, 2008 - 11:23 am:

    I am posting this with the hope that the message reaches everyone who has booked a future Couples Resorts vacation with Changes in L'Attitudes/Dynamic Leisure Corporation located at 5680A West Cypress Street, Tampa, Florida 33607 USA

    As a result of this company's breach of contract relating to payment terms, all future reservations made by this company to our resorts have been canceled.

    We ask that all affected clients call our reservations department at 1-800-COUPLES to make alternative reservation and payment arrangements.

    I repeat - If you booked your Couples Resorts vacation through Changes in L'Attitudes/Dynamic Leisure Corporation, your reservation has been cancelled and you must call us to make alternative reservation and payment arrangements.

    If, by chance, you happen to arrive in Jamaica, we WILL NOT allow you to stay at any of our resorts without full payment.

    We regret the necessity for this action but please be advised that we are fully within our rights.


    Randy Russell
    Senior Vice President
    Couples Resorts
    Irie Mon

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    Last year we flew with Delta on the "red eye express" from San Diego to Montego Bay (connecting through Atlanta) and we were at CSA in time for a late lunch.
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    if you are booking separately it was within a couple dollars of each other to have the peace of mind in booking through the hotel direct. Have you signed up for Wednesday's Couplicious email specials? I've just started looking at Couples myself for a weddingmoon as you call it in 2011. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a couplicious deal in the future. I've also noticed that some of the airlines flying from Michigan only go to MBJ on Saturdays. Also, its about $150 more pp to fly nonstop equalling half the time of airport travel, which could be worth it...more time in paradise!

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