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    has anyone ever used this at CSA? we are staying for 10 days (so excited) but I know if I go over the suitcase weight limit and I have to pay (again) the hubby won't be happy. I own nothing fancy I am worried about them ruining, but I am sure I don't want to end up without what I need due to loss or it taking a long time to get done, thanks for any advice.

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    I used it in october when my wife and I were there for our honeymoon. Had it all back the next day and in good shape.

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    We have used the laundry service several times at CSA for the same reason as you - we stay for 10 nights. We also workout every day, and we found if we use the laundry service at the midway point of our trip, we can pack half of the workout clothes. We have never had a problem using this service - we call in the morning, and the clothes show up cleaned and folded that afternoon. We do usually use this service on a weekday (not sure if they would be as quick on the weekend).

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    ya mon every time we go to csa we do use their laundry service, no worries mon, very professional, you fill out the order form and it is returned the next day, never had an issue with the service , have fun

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    Hi, we have used the laundry service at CN and CSA. It seemed that CSA dry-cleaned the clothes. They were returned on hangers with plastic wrap. At CN, the laundry came back clean, dry, folded. It also seemed as though the clothing shrunk slightly. Does anyone know if they use a dry-clean service at CN?

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    thanks everyone

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