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    Default Suprising my wife with a return to CSA!

    So I am surprising my wife with what i hope is the best Christmas gift ever. Needless to say I am very excited, but i am also trying to figure out a way to present this to her on Christmas morning. My first thought was to put a fresh pot of Blue Mountain coffee on and wrap some beach items. Thats all I am coming up with, i am not the craftiest guy and i need some help....sorry for the bad grammar here i am typing this while she sits right next to me! Thank you all for hopefully helping me.

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    You need to find her the twisted Palm Tree Charm!!

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    How about wrapping a bunch of boxes of items that when opened in the correct order leads her to her gift/destination.

    Box 1 = Flip Flops
    Box 2 = A Beach Towel
    Box 3 = Sun Glasses
    Box 4 = Sun Block
    Box 5 = Sea shells in some sort of decorative container (try a hobby store)
    Box 6 = A toy palm tree
    Box 7 = A mason jar with sand in it (or maybe a Red Stripe bottle)
    Box 8 = A bottle of Red Stripe or Appletons Rum
    Box 9 = A plastic air plane
    Box 10 = A Couples brochure (download the pdf file here Couples Resorts Brochure) along with your flight itinerary and a love note/Christmas Card.

    This list is by no means written in stone, but you get the idea. This way, she gets to open TEN presents instead of just one. And who doesn't like opening presents? Plus the theme of the gifts act as sort of a "treasure map" to the final gift. Just make sure you number the outside of the gifts so you can give them to her in the right order to open.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    How about a Couples calendar with the date of vacation circled in red. When she opens it ask her to look at all the months, maybe tell her that the month your going on vacation is really nice.

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    That sounds like a great plan - you are clearly a lovely man.

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    Place a toy plane in a box and wrap it. Then in another box put a bag of Blue Mountain coffee. Then in another box put a wine or Martini glass (you can usually get from a Hallmark store) that has island decretive pictures on it. Eventually she will catch on.

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    That IS the BEST Christmas present EVER!!! Your idea sounds good to me, but maybe something will chime in with something more. LOL Make the coffee in your swim trunks, and wait for her to ask you why? hehe

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    That is very sweet and I know I would be thrilled! Maybe get her a 2013 Couples calendar and mark the dates of your trip?

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    What a wonderful husband you are! I like your coffee idea. Another idea is to buy a small silver palm tree charm necklace and put a little note in the box that says " you'll be wearing this at CSA again! Or buy a pretty frame and put one of your Couples pictures in it. Tell her this means "We are going back."

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    Thank you everyone! I love all of these ideas and she will too, I think I am going to use just about everything you all posted. THANK YOU!

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    I would ask Randy,the chief romance guru,call her and spring the news. I supprised my wife on our 40th Anniv. and he called to tell her.

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    Well, skolmiller, what did you end up doing and how did it turn out?
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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