Hopefully this is not a duplicate post (Can't find my 1st attempt)

We are heading back to Jamaica in February.
We stayed at CTI the 1st time and had a blast!
We're not sure which one to got to? Repeat at CTI or try another? if another which one?

We are not AN, so that is not a consideration.

It will be a surprise 50th for my wife - CTI was a surprise vow renewal.

What should i consider when looking at the others.

A big consideration is the room - our first room at CTI was not good, so we moved (too noisy). I would like a room that is very quiet - if not off by itself. Also a nice ocean view would also be great.

We are not that into the late night life - typically in bed by 11. (kids will do that) - hence the need for quite at what some people consider an early hour.