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    Default Couples Negril vs Couples Swept Away

    We are planning a trip to Jamaica for our 10 year anniversary in May 2013 and would like any input on if it would be better to stay at Couples Negril vs Swept Away and why? This is our first time to Jamaica. Thanks for the input!

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    The resorts are different but similar - I know, not much help! We have stayed at both and prefer CN because of its size (a bit smaller) and location (along the more secluded portion of 7 mile beach). If you prefer more athletic activities, then CSA is probably your spot. We did have an Atrium Suite at CSA that we loved...

    The food and other amenities at both are similar. I think you have made the best choice already (choosing Couples) and you can't go wrong with either CSA or CN. Enjoy your trip.

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    There are dozens of threads on this exact topic. Here is a link to one from a couple of days ago that already has 15 replies.

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    First of all you will not be disappointed regardless of which resort you finally decide on. So don't hold the thought that you will make a wrong decision, you can't between CSA and CN.

    We have not stayed at CN, however we have been to CSA several times, our sixth trip coming up in June. CSA has maybe the best beach I have ever had the pleasure of visiting for a vacation and I am a beach nut. The grounds are lush, tropical and beautiful. The staff is attentive, friendly, helpful and lots of fun. They will not, however, be intrusive on your time in the least. The food is great, the drinks are plentiful, the sun is warm and the atmosphere is very romantic. Perfect place for an anniversary trip. The resort is roomy without being too large. There is plenty of room for all guests even when at full capacity. You will never feel crowded, on the beach or anywhere else. The rooms are in smallish buildings with two, four or twelve rooms per building. The tallest buildings are three stories and they are scattered about the property and sort of blend in with the trees just steps off the beach. It is an absolutely beautiful resort.

    As for CN, watch your thread. You will get some great descriptions and some good comparisons from folks that have stayed at both. But like I said, I don't think you can go wrong with either one. Read the descriptions and look at the pictures for both resorts here on the web site. As a wise veteran of Couples once told me, pick the resort that seems to call to you. That will be your new home in Jamaica.

    Good luck, congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. Have a great trip!

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    It really depends on what you are wanting out of your vacation. This is a highly debated topic mentioned at least once a week on the MB. Scroll back a few pages or even use the search engine and you will find hundreds of answers and will hopefully then be able to make your decision. Either way it is a Couples trip so you are bound to thouroughly enjoy yourselves!! Good luck!

    P.S. we prefer CSA for the laid back beach vibe.

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    Thank you for taking time out to post a comment! I will go back and look through previous threads on this same topic.

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    My wife and I have been to CN many times and we are going back next month for our 30th anniversary. We don't know very much about CSA, but I think you will enjoy either one. CN is a little smaller, which is what we like, the staff is great and we see so many of the same people year after year that it feels like our home away from home.

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