We arrived at CSA today and apparently there have been some changes. We don't know all of them yet but so far we know that there is no more Red Stipe or Red Stripe Light in bottles, just draft. We are really bummed because we don't like draft beer. Plus it seems to be much colder in a bottle. They also do not have Guiness or Heineken at the martini bar any more. It's weird. What happen to all the top shelf they advertise. It seems like the prices are going up but they are taking ao much away. Any one know what's up? We were just here 6 months ago and apparently a lot has changed in just 6 months. Tomorrow is our first full day so we will find more out. They also don't have the Steel Drums on the entertainment schedule and we didn't get a schedule of Halloween events like we did last year. Hmmmmm.... Not sure how I feel about all this.