I just love the blue body wash that Couples provides and finally thought I found where I can buy some. I contacted the company and was told the name of the product and that it is the one ordered by the resort. I was pretty excited to get that. It came today, but when I opened and smelled it, it did not have that wonderful fresh smell that is the couples brand. I still think the product itself is probably a good product, but it is not the same even though I was told it is. Or maybe it is the same thing but couples adds a special scent??
Randymon, please tell us where we can buy this product. I know there have been others on the board asking and commenting on the same product. Maybe you do order this product but add a certain scent to it to make that special smell, but I sure wish I could get some and I'm sure there are others too.
Maybe someone else knows the secret. Why is it such a secret?