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    I have a couple of questions for all you fine people out there.

    1. In May my wife and I will be headed to CSS for our honeymoon......this is our first time at Couples.......any MUST do's while at CSS?

    2. Also I requested D block....we have a Ocean View Verandah room.....does anyone know what the best room would be? We are both younger and don't mind the steps. Would D block be the best block??

    3. Can you take a drink on the road from the Club Mobay or Couples lounge?

    4. Any other advice would be appreciated!

    Thank you

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding with honeymoon at CSS!
    1. Must do's would include...relax and enjoy the time of your life. But seriously the Friday night Gala is something not to be missed and get a honeymoon couples massage in one of the huts overlooking the ocean. The excursion to Dunn's River Falls is a fun thing to do also.

    2. D Block doesn't have that many steps, as it's one level up from the beach, so it's close to everything. The We haven't stayed in this building yet so will have to defer the room question to others. We find the better views to be in G Block but then it all depends on what you consider "best".

    3. can. Not only can you take one from there but the driver usually offers to stop at a place along the way to use the bathroom/get another drink.

    4. Be sure to sign up for Romance Rewards so you can go over and check out CTI for the day...kind of like a vacation within a vacation. Take time to walk around and explore CSS to find "your place"...a secluded part of the resort where you feel like you're the only one there (there's a few of them). For those that like an all-over tan...visit SSB. And those that are okay with tan lines can still enjoy awesome sunsets there.

    You're welcome and have a blast!

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    First. Congratulations on your marriage.

    Don't fret so much about the room. Yes, you want a nice room. Any of the Ocean View Verandah rooms will be nice. Honestly, do you really expect to spend a lot of time in your room? Don't fret so much about a room that you won't be in all that much.

    We always take some drinks for the road. However, they will be served in plastic cups so taking extra drinks will be a challenge. We usually buy an extra beer or two at one of the stands right outside the terminal. Something important. Most beer bottles in Jamaica will not have twist off caps. Bring a bottle opener with you just in case.

    Something else that may be an issue. It is about a 1 1/2 hour ride from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios. That can be an eternity if you have too much beer and need a restroom stop. Don't be afraid to let the driver know if you need a rest stop.

    Have some small bills with you when you are at the terminal. The porter who carries your bags from the Couples Lounge to the shuttle bus will expect a tip. I usually give $5. You will also tip your bus driver when you arrive at the resort, I usually give $10 for this longer ride. Then, no more tipping as long as you are on the resort. About the only exception may be if you get a massage at the SPA, but this isn't required. You do not tip Couples employees.

    However, if you take any off resort excursions, these will not be Couples employees and they will expect a tip. It sort of depends upon the service as to how much we tip. If it is something like a short bus ride to Dunn's River Falls, maybe $5. If it is a longer excursion with a guide usually $10 for the tour guide and $10 for the driver. But this is up to you. So bring enough small bills for tips.

    Bring some lip balm with a decent SPF rating and use it.

    Pace yourselves. The bars on the resort open early and stay open late. You can easily be passed out in your room by early afternoon if you are not careful. Who want's to spend a day in paradise passed out in your room? But if you pace yourselves just a little you can last as long as you like and still have a good time.

    Every Couples resort will have some sort of bulletin board with the activities for the day, usually in the main dining area. I usually will check it either later in the evening or when I go for breakfast. Check this bulletin board at least once per day.

    Some restaurants require reservations. We usually will check the activities calendar when we get to our room then find the Concierge Desk and make our reservations the first day. These special restaurants will usually have a dress code so you may want to pack accordingly. Otherwise the restaurants you will usually go to will have a more lax dress code. For breakfast and lunch you can even go in your beach attire as long as you wear some sort of cover up, a shirt for a man, and some sort of shoes. For dinner my wife will usually wear a light dress or shorts and a light blouse and I will usually wear dress shorts and a shirt with a collar. But we usually spend most of our time in our beach attire.

    Other than that, do as much or as little as you like. Enjoy your stay in paradise.

    Only 33 more days until we return to Couples.
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    Go to SSB on the first day, revel in it, lose your inhibitions, get into a spirited volleyball game in the pool. People are friendly and don't care what your body type is, etc.

    Yes you can take a drink on the road, it's 90 min from MBJ to CSS, so hit a bathroom before you leave! LOL

    Sunglasses, hats and as Mad Jack said....pace yourself drinking, bars open at 9:30 and close late. You can get a Mimosa or a Bloody at breakfast...they have a 'make it yourself' station.

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    Definitely get the couples massage. The spa is amazing. There's no need for the cheesy spa music as the 'rooms' are open air huts next to the water. There's nothing like the sound of the water, the smell of the salt water, and the ocean breeze while having a massage.

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