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    Default Booking your Vacation/Honeymoon

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm having a hard time deciding how to book our honeymoon for June 30, 2013 to July 9,2013. I've spoken to a few travel agents, I've considered doing it myself, I just don't know which way is best. I know there are several of you that have been to CN several times so I would think you are "Pros" at it and do it yourself

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    Which ever way will get you more nights at the best rate is the way to go.

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    I have booked 2 trips and used allinclusivegetaways dot com and they have done very well in pricing. I searched many other sites and tried to book the trips myself too and their pricing was the best. They do specialize in Couples Resorts too. The agent I used was Janine and she is really on the ball. The good part about that too is it is all mailed to you in one package. Bring that package with you and no headaches.

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    You should book thru Couples because then you can cancel all the way up until 45 days before leaving and get all your money back. If you book thru an agent, they will keep your deposit. Just FYI, Couples does price match, so any cheaper price you find, they will match. Good luck. You are going to love the Couples family.

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    If you book with a travel agent, you will get a lot of extra service you donít get if you book it yourself. The agent will make sure your airline tickets match your passport. They will notify Couples of any changes to your flight schedule. They will find you the best deal on travel insurance. They will fight with the airlines when they change your schedule or delay you on the day of travel. A good one WILL NOT keep your deposit of you have to cancel. The $400 deposit goes directly to Couples and you will get that back if you have to cancel with more than 45 days to go. We always use a travel agent. Same deals and a lot less worry!
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