until I am in the air and on my way to CSA!!!

Oh. My. Gosh. I can not believe that my official countdown is 29 days 21 hours and 35 min. until the plane lifts off and wooshes me to what I am hoping it will be heaven on earth!!

How do you all do it? I am so excited yet at the same time (now that it is a month away) I am getting pretty darn nervous too!! So many thoughts and unanswered questions going thru my brain on a daily basis......

Always thinking about everything I need to get and pack (thanks to the "wish I had thought of that" thread)
am I going to overpack?
will I underpack?
will I have the "right" clothes?
will I take too many shoes?
should I get an underwater camera yet?
should I get a small handheld camcorder?
should I get an ipad? (really want to be able to check into Skype & be able to skype kids)
Will my smart phone work & should I just use that for above concerns?
How many bottles of rum can we bring back?
should I really get bubble wrap for any bottles being brought back?
Do I have enough "dress" clothes for my hubby? (we are jeans & t-shirts kind of people)
Should I spend the money on going swimming with the dolphins? (something I've been wanting to do for a long time)
Should we do the Appleton Rum tour?
Should I get my hair cut/permed? (YES, this is a concern ~ I have longer hair w/bangs that requires some type of product to keep it "styled" and out of my eyes)
wondering how in the world do people pack for a week with just a carry on?
Do I bring our big "bubba mugs" I bought for the trip?

That's the tip of the iceberg. This is just what's going thru my mind THIS MORNING (yet again)..... I can definately tell that my hubby and I have never done anything like this! I'm the one that is doing all the planning and all the shopping/packing. He just has to manage to go pre-tanning (1st time ever fake-n-baking for him) for the next month. I want to make sure I forget nothing.....

Thanks to everyone on this board for all the information.... I, for one, am truly overjoyed when reading all your helpful threads.

I just want to make sure I do everything in my power to make our 20th anniversary ~ once in a lifetime ~ dream vacation ~ the absolute best!

Looking forward to being Swept Away Oct. 21st - 28th!
~Deb & Rick~