first post...i'm sure this is asked a lot, lol.

my wife and i are planning to take our honeymoon together sometime in early 2013(january to april sometime) and i'm having trouble picking which resort to stay at. i was set on CSS but the beach doesn't sound as great as CSA or CN. i will list some things we want and who we are and maybe you guys can help me out!

-solid beach. not necessarily HUGE, but we like to take walks together. i've heard CSS has some paths you can walk, but i think a beach walk would be nice too?

-good sized pool with swim up bar

-would prefer not to be haggled by people on the beach selling things but can deal with it if its not that bad

-i'm not too picky on room but would like a good balcony with a decent view of whatever it may be(don't want to look at a wall)

-good restaurants. i'm not a high class eater by any means, but i'm picky about my food meaning i don't like to try many different things. honestly, give me a burger and i'm happy. buffets are great too

-i assume all are romantic, but this is our honeymoon so the more romantic the better

-i plan to lay on the beach or around the pool for the most part, but some fun excursions would be great too. i'd like to snorkel, maybe a dolphin swim or something, and a catamaran ride.

-some sort of night life with music

-won't necessarily play volleyball on the beach, but it'd be a nice option

i'm sure i will have more but that's a solid start. we get one shot at a honeymoon and i want to do it right. thanks!