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    OK so we booked 'ages ago' for CN, unusual one, we live on a little island in the Canaries but we're English and routing and booked via UK.. Renewing our vows on our 20th wedding anniversary..... Seemed fine at the time now I'm sweating the little things.... We've said the beach, afternoon but thinking I may feel a little silly all on our ownsome... Sooo can we change our minds and do it earlier in the day and would the gardens be more intimate and special for us? Anyone know how the ceremony is without us doing our own 'speeches' all input would be really appreciated as strangely I'm a bit jittery..... Also the one hour photoshoot is included but we've not been told how much it is to buy the photos................. So looking forward to some input from you guys..... It will be 29th Jan and from past experience in St Lucia in January it was rainy in the afternoon which I forgot when I booked....

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    I've seen cermonies on the beach at all times of the day and never thought it was silly that they were being performed there at that time. Other guests will respect that it is your time and you may end up with a small that might show you some polite applause at the end.

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    Thanks jimpat1, to be honest I would love a small congregation to share it with will make it even nicer.... Very excited....

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    It does rain a little every afternoon. You will just wait till the sun comes back out! No problem, Mon!

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    Please do not sweat over this. You will feel totally at ease at CN. Everything seems to be SO laid back and easy. The staff will do whatever they can to help you. I would call the resort to ask about the price of the pictures. Believe me, You are going to have a wonderful time. Be excited, be very excited!!

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    We renewed our vows for our 30th Anniversary at CN. It was wonderful. We did them at 11 AM, which was a perfect time for us. Showers do tend to pop up in the afternoon so you may want to change to the morning. But you never know so I wouldn't worry about it. You could change to the morning that day and it could rain in the morning and be beautiful in the afternoon. It has been a few years so I'm not sure exactly what we paid. I think it was around $200 for the photo package we selected. The price will depend on how many pictures you select. It was a beautiful ceremony on the beach. Definitely do your vows on the beach. We had flowers, a cake, champaign and a Vow Renewel Certificate. We met some special people there who did come and share our special moment. This whole vow renewal was my husband's idea and I think I was as nervous as I was the first time we were married. But everything was great and there is nothing to be nervous about. Have a wonderful trip.

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    If you make friends easily then you will have no problem with "Guests" at your renewal services. We made friends our first visit and I became the Best Man at their beach wedding a few days later. We are still friends today and that was 8 years ago. We live in San Diego CA and they live in Halifax, Canada. We even planned a trip back and met up one time. Too much fun. Have a BLAST....

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    When you are at CN mention to people when and where you are renewing your vows and that you are on your own. You will be surprised how many people will make it a point to be around the area for your celebration. This is quite common at Couples.
    Congrat's on 20 your years together.

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    Our first time to CN a couple from Ireland got married and no one had traveled with them yet they met a few other couples their first couple of days and those people attended their wedding. Our first trip to CTI about 3 years ago, my husband and I were sitting in the lobby having just checked in when another bus pulled up. This guy got off the bus with Red Stripe in hand (not his first on that ride obviously) and started to talk to us immediately about our tattoos. After two minutes we were invited to his wedding in two days. Later that night we ran into him again. Turns out him (Scott) and his soon to be wife (Christina) lived just a couple hours from us. We ended up having dinner with them quite a few times during our stay and my husband took the video at their wedding. It was just so much fun. We have kept in touch and meet up at least once a year...going to a football game with them next month in fact.

    You just meet amazing people at Couples.

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