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    Default Scuba - limited to one dive per day?

    Only one more work day and we will be off to CTI! While looking through the website, I did catch one thing that surprised me. It states "Certified PADI divers enjoy a complimentary dive once per day. A second daily dive is subject to availability." The last time we were at CTI we dove twice a day, every day. It is one of the reasons we keep coming back! I'm sure that they have to put the comment about the second dive on there in case they fill the boat with resort course divers, but I'm curious to find out if anyone has had trouble getting on the second dive?

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    I believe this has always been the "rule", but more times than not you will be able to dive twice. One reason may be the full boat situation, but I would think that they want to make sure there is enough divers to take a boat out in the afternoon. They don't want to guarantee a boat and only have a couple of people show up. I think more people tend to go out in the morning and stay on the beach or pool in the afternoon. I will for sure take advantage of the morning dives everyday, but may only do a couple afternoon dives. I am looking forward to a night dive next time I am there. Missed it the first time.
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    We were just at CSA and were able to dive twice daily every day if we wished.

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    That same comment about one dive per day has been on the website for years. I also have had no trouble diving twice a day as long as the weather cooperates.

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    We dive twice a day everyday. Never an issue. One afternoon there was just three divers. Not a problem.

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    Can you dive twice if you are only Open Water Certified? I thought the morning dive was limited to Advanced Divers.

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    You can dive both morning and afternoon with OW certification. The morning dive is deeper but they will keep the dive <60' if there are any with OW only.

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    It is not only limited to Advance - if they know you are only Open Water they will often keep you at your depth. Occasionally they may keep you off a morning dive though if they have a deep dive planned.

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    Yes, there is no AOW requirement for the morning dive. Contrary to what some people say, they will accomodate all certified divers.

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