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    Default October 1-8, 2009 CN

    well less than two weeks and jamaica bound we will be. We are coming from indianapolis changing over in memphis then on to Montego to arrive at 1250pm. then off to a week of fun in couples negril. ?Chuck and shane i see you arrive the same day...let us know if we may end up on a change over flight ith you. if not im sure we can meet for a drink when we all get there. Andria ad Kevin looking forward to meeting you al on the 3rd for your birthdays. Does anyone know of any one else comin around that time? hope you all have a safe trip as for us we are just counting down the days..ready to go.

    mark and kristi

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    Default 5 days and counting.

    Hi Mark and Kristi. You guys only have three days to go. Are you packed yet? I am getting my things together. I have been checking the weather and it is going to be 85 to 88 degrees with some showers or liquid sunshine as the Jamaicans call it. Chuck and Shane left a reply on my thread for you and Kristi about meeting up with you. Saturday can not get here fast enough. 5 more days...

    See you soon...

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