Ok, I will be the first to admit that I have not been to CSA, we are big fans of CN. I am trying to talk hubby into Trading Places in August if we can get up off the beach long enough.

However, I do read the reviews that are posted on TA. There is a new review that has been posted that had me laughing out loud. According to the reviewer one bartender told him/her that Couples IS a tipping resort, they just don't advertise it so they can compete with the "S" resorts.

Boy oh boy, that fact has been so well hidden that I want to commend Couples and their marketing team for doing such a good job at keeping that a secret. Why, before you know it you might even want to write a policy about "No Tipping", oh wait you did already. So then the question begs to be asked (dun, dun, daaaaaaa) (mood music) was this reviewer actually at CSA????????