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    Default Do you have to be fully naked?

    My husband and I are going to Sans Souci in march and I would like to go to the Au naturel side.But I don't feel comfortable taking off my bottoms.I am a heavy woman and don't want to have my belly hanging my question is do you have to be totally naked or is topless ok?

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    Totally naked only... you can do topless on the main beach if you don't want to take your bottoms off.
    The nude beach is for nude... no exceptions...

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    There is an Au Naturel message board section above that may be helpful and supportive. Look in those threads for a lot of information, personal experiences, questions and answers etc.

    But to answer your question yes you have to be totally nude: all of Couples' Au Naturel beaches are just that "au naturel"/nude and they are not clothing optional. You should try it though as nobody is judgemental and there's all different shapes, sizes, etc.

    You can go topless on the beach at Sans Souci, Negril, and Swept Away and topless is permitted on the pier at CTI.

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    The Couples Au Natural areas are fully naked. The main beach at CSS is topless (optional). See the FAQ for more discussion on this topic. Or the Au Natural section of the message board.

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    Naked only! You will not be the first BBW to hit the AN beach. I have seen ladies well into the 250-280 range, no problem. For the guys, I have seen 300+ on some of the big boys. While it is truley hard to imagine, but no one really cares. I like to say this to newbiew. athe AN beach is like. ALL shapes and sizes.

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    patti, yes you have to be totally naked. I would suggest you check out the threads on the AuNatural section of the board. The reviews on that sections about first experiences are great. I never thought I would do it, and now I am the first to want to go again. Check out those threads, and then decide for yourself.

    One thing everyone who has tried it says is try it the first day, set the time limit to give yourself to get comfortable, (may be a half hour to an hour) and then if either of you do not like it, leave, no problem. My guess is if you read those threads, and give it a try, you will stay, and will be back the rest of your trip.

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    Yes, totaly naked only! And, no one will care what you look like. We saw a coulpe there once that must have been 80 years old.
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    You have to be fully naked. It is not clothing optional. You may be topless at the main beach.

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    Au Naturel pretty much syas it all. Give it a go, you will be suprised at the diversity.

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    Yep, totally.

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    Sorry, but you've gotta be totally naked (that's a beer too!).

    I am larger too, but once you're there and see all the different sizes of everyone, you get comfortable pretty quickly. Check out the Au Naturel board and look for all the posts there about this subject.

    All I can say is, give it a try. If you don't like it after 1/2 hour or so, then you can tell your husband you want to leave. But, honestly, it is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world!

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    Naked is Naked. Topless on the other beach. The policy is very clear.

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    Fully naked. In fact I am naked right now under all of my clothes!

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    As stated in the above post, AN is totally nude, not bottoms only. SSB is large, so go over early in the day and find a loungers or move loungers to an area that makes you feel more comfortable. Get your towel situated and then strip. After a while, you will realize that no one cares about how you look. As stated above, also go early in your trip. First, you spend all week worrying or wondering about the experience and second, if you enjoy the experience, you have the rest of your vacation to return.

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    Nekked means nekked.... BUT.... as everyone above has stated, no one cares. No one judges. No one gawks. My wife and I did SSB last year for the first time, and it turns out that we enjoyed it more than the main beach. People there are very nice, easy going, carefree, etc. We met some great people there, but funny thing we never met anyone at the main beach. SSB is very social, and very private if you want it to be.
    Don't fret about how you look.... go and be free..... you won't regret it.

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