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    Default Drinking water and ice

    We are booked a CSS in Feb. and was just wondering if anyone has any comments on the water at the resort? I know that they have bottled water to drink but I am concerned about the water that they use for ice in drinks and the water that they cook with?? (safe to drink?) wife want to know if they have Mocha Frappes in any of the restaurants??? and G2(no calorie gatorade) As for me...I will be RED STRIPES for the week!!!!

    Thanks everybody!

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    The tap water in Jamaica is as safe or safer than some of the tap water in the US. Have drank it the whole time on 3 trips to CN. No worries!

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    The water and ice are just fine at all of the Couples resorts.
    Not sure about the Mocha Frappes and no Gatorade as far as I'll be OK though, plenty of ice cold Red Stripe!!!

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    I drink glasses of tap water over ice. Never had any problems. The water at the resorts is better than the water I have at my employers here in the states. NO PROBLEM MAN.

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    The water in Jamaica is fine--no problems and tastes delicious! Better the tap water I've tasted in some states in the US!

    Enjoy your trip!

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    The water has always been really good the last 4 years we've been going to CSS.
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    Water is very safe to drink and the best tasting we have ever had. Jamaica has a water system similar to the States.

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    The water in Jamaica is totally safe to drink ..... No worries at all with it. Can't help you with the other questions.

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    Who needs water when you have Red Stripe??
    Seriously though the water there is great and very safe.

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