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    Default ROMANCE REWARDS??? First Time Questions

    Ok So I called Couples and they told me to sign up for Romance Rewards so that when the trip gets closer I can book some things at the resort online. But I signed up and there is nothing. What should I expect, should i just wait, and when it does work, what are the choices?

    Also as a first timer, can I spend a day at the other Couples Ochio Rios Resort? Without an over night?

    - Cortne

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    As a repeat guest, I believe you are able to get a guest pass to visit another (nearby) Couples resort for a day without staying overnight. (I actually don't think there's an overnight thing). I'm a first time repeat guest as well.

    ^^ That lists all of the romance rewards.

    Hope that helps!

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    Hi Cortne,
    Welcome to the Couples family and Romance Rewards. Now that you have signed up, when you are about a week out for your trip, go back to the Romance Rewards Page, look at the left side of the page under the picture and click on "Pre-check in." There you can pre-select the items in your mini bar. You will also be eligible for Trading Places-so you can spend from 10am to 4pm at the other Ochi resort. You can only do Trading Places on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You must also sign up 24 hours in advance. You would sign up for Trading Places in the lobby of your hotel with Guest Services. I believe you are allowed to do Trading Places 1 time during your stay.

    You can not reserve anything else, such as dinner reservations, before arriving at the resort because they use your room number to make the reservation. However, you can pre-book a Private Dinner on the beach or other romance package in advance with the Romance Concierge--but this would be at an additional cost to you.

    Have a great trip!

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    Hi Cotrne,

    Great choices to visit a Couples Resort and sign up for Romance Rewards. At least 3 days prior to your trip be sure to do the pre-check in so you can get your benefits for signing up during your visit. Here's a link to the Romance Rewards page where you can learn more:


    Bart & Bug

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    Thank you everyone. I just was able to login today!!!!

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