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    Default Negril - Booby Cay

    For those that enjoy going out to Booby Cay (the little island just off Rutland Point between CSA and CN), saw an article today that it had been sold.

    They noted that part of the area surrounding the island is declared a fish sanctuary but said it had been "sold to a housing developer". The CN snorkel boat goes there sometimes (and perhaps CSA's as well), hopefully that can continue.

    [EDIT - The Gleaner modified their original article to remove references to Booby Cay. The land is NOT Booby Cay. More info in a follow up post but that may take a while to get approved.]
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    Can you post a link?

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    The article was in today's Gleaner ( but note that they have since revised the online article. Other boards have posted that the print version had the article with Booby Cay in it. Apparently the land in question is not Booby Cay, but the land on the North end of Bloody Bay that is already under development, which one may consider as good news for Booby Cay.

    A Gleaner employee, in an apology for the bad information, wrote:
    "The name Booby Cay was the name stated at the Committee meeting and the chairman has since apologised for the error on a radio programme. All the reporters there wrote Booby Cay"
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    That's great news. Thanks for the clarification!

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    Interestingly enough, Negril's new International Medical Center is due to begin construction soon at Rhoades Hall, which would be nominally across the beach highway from this area. As much as I fear development, this seems like a perfect fit for a development that would draw heavily on ex-pats from US & Europe.

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    It is my understanding that the Issa family is doing the building, at least that is what all the locals in the area told us in August. It is a development of homes.

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    Today's article, however shows that there may be some plan for future development of Booby Cay. But, the paper has earned understandable skepticism for getting their facts straight.

    'The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) has indicated that Booby Cay in Negril, Westmoreland, remains in its possession and that the public is to be invited "in the coming weeks" to submit proposals for its development.'

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    Whew! That was a close one. Glad it turned out to be a mistake.
    Better that than the mistake of building on the island!

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    It's probably the area just before you get to CN. About where the "Office Of Nature" is. When we were at CN in June there was construction work being done in that area you could see from the road.

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    Well today's article states they ARE selling Booby Cay (or willing to anyway) after all. They have enough factual information on Booby Cay (location, acreage) that I think they have the facts correct this time.

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