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    Default Will book worms soon make the endangered list?

    I have just read this article from a website and I think that it is an interesting subject. It is about those electronic books threatening the extinction of old good paperback or hardback. This article brings out the fact that some people, like the book lovers, the ones that read to escape the everyday life struggles, those who crave the feeling of turning the pages by licking their fingers with the anticipation that they are progressing through, in general it states that even tough electronic books have almost taking over, those people will always have that foyer where they retire in the middle of the day or the end, depending on your habits, to feel those pages.

    Personally, I agree and even though I own several electronic books, mostly work related, but when I need to read a good thriller or a new novel, I head to Barnes and Noble. The electronic novels just donít do it for me.

    You can read the entire article at

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    Well, I will admit to being a total bibliophile.... I am typically in the middle of any 3 or 4 books at the same time. And I DO love the feeling of pages turning, etc. That being said, 2 years ago, my spouse bought me a Kindle for Mother's Day. It was immediately before a trip to CSA. Now, for a week trip, I normally bring 4 or 5 books with me -- and read them all. I was able to bring all of those on one small, light device that only needs to be charged two or three times a MONTH. Also, the Kindle digital ink feel surprisingly like reading on paper. Now I have hundreds of books on my Kindle, and I'll never go back. In fact, I have read a few books on paper in the last year that were loaned to me, and (gasp!) I prefer my Kindle. Who knew?

    I would NEVER read a book on the computer, and reading on an iPad feels totally different, but the Kindle?? Rocks!
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    I have been contemplating buying a Kindle type thing for our next trip in August. I just can't seem to do it though. Having a book in my hands is therapeutic. I'm not sure how I would feel about a tablet, though I know it would be a lot less weight in the luggage!

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    We bookworms have been a dwindling species for a while now...

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    I've always loved books, too. But, I must admit that taking a thin Kindle to Jamaica left me more room once 5 paperback books were not stuffed into the carryon. I took a seal bag to put my kindle in so that it wouldn't be harmed by suntan lotion, sand, or spilled drinks. It worked beautifully!

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    The wife and I fall into the "both are good" category. We both have electronic readers (her a Nook, me an Asus Transformer with the Nook app) and we also both still like paper books. But, I will admit to the convenience of the e-book consistently sucking me in, and it's truly a great way to bring more than sufficient reading material on a vacation!


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    I'm old school. Have to have my paperback for the plane and beach. Same with my SO.

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    Books - no batteries required, no recharging necessary, and when you're done reading them, you can give them to someone else.

    As a writer, though, I've always made certain to make my books available for every possible platform - Kindle, Nook, and paper.

    Just to keep this on topic, I've always left behind the paperbacks I bring to CSA. I usually leave them in the closet. I'm guessing that housekeeping removes them, but I hope they don't just toss them in the trash. Might not be a bad idea to have a book bin somewhere on the resort where you could both leave books you've read and find some new ones.
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    I love books but I am definitely a Kindle fan! On my last vacation I read 7 novels (I'm a speed reader). If I wouldn't have had a Kindle there is no way I would have packed 7 books, so I wouldn't have read that many. They are just so practical for traveling!

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    I was at CSA recently, and while sitting on the beach one afternoon I watched a bird hunting and catching crabs along the beach. It was quite entertaining for the 10 or 20 minutes before it flew away. About 15 feet away from the bird, a couple enjoyed staring at their electronics, not once noticing the action.

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    Personally I don't get it. I enjoy reading, which can be relaxing and it's own escape, but with limited time in paradise I'll save my reading for home.

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    I love to read but rarely have the time to do so. I also am a book worm and never wanted an e-reader but my husband gave me a Kindle for Christmas and I use it, mostly for long flights and longer trips. It is easier than hauling around a lot of books.

    I don't take it to the beach though, nor do I take my ipad. I prefer reading on my Kindle as it is lighter and smaller than my ipad.

    One of the objections I had to e-readers was paying for books but now that the library offers a good selection, it is not a big issue.

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    Remember black & white TV? Eight track tapes? Sending your film out to be processed?
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    I have an ebook as well, I used it once... read about half a book then couldn't stand it any more! I have to feel and smell the pages. Not to mention the ebook makes my eyes sore a lot faster than a good ole paperback.

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    I love my Kindle but will be bringing good old paperbacks on our trip in September. First, I don't like the idea of sand, sunscreen or saltwater on my Kindle. Second, I read several in the week and always leave them for housekeeping or whoever to enjoy after we're gone.

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    You'll find a "lending library" above The Palms. It's also the perfect repository for old paperbacks.

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