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    I have just got in from another day at the office, sun shining outside and really dreary inside and my husband puts a holiday brochures under my nose "we are going back" he says, I cant wait 12 months time we will be home, because that is what couples is HOME. No other place on earth makes me feel the way couples does it is just beautiful, we got married there in 2001 and this will be our 5th visit. i am so excited i have been dancing and singing around the house for the last hour (really annoying my sons) but hey that's what COUPLES does to me. I really really really can't wait. I just need a few more (hundred more like) trips to the gym to get that figure back into shape!!!!!! can't go to nudy island with a excess pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Happy dance time, but the waiting sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

    220 days 14 hours 27 minutes for

    On the flip side, I think we all need something to look forward to...... It keeps us going.

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    Extra pounds are no problem, just book your trip home as soon as possible. Sounds like you need your fix fast.
    Irie Mon

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