We are headed to CN in 7 days! I was wondering what type of dresses ladies wear? I lost 43 lbs recently and am just now feeling kind of comfortable to wear a summer dress. I have bought a few dresses to take with me and tried looking at some photos on here but it is kind of hard to tell. I know I shouldn't worry about it too much but I still have some weight to lose and am very nervous but excited about wearing dresses. I have the beach cover up thingies for during the day but for night I bought some casual summer dresses - 2 are a little dressier but hard to explain?? I feel so happy to not have to wear capris and dress shirts every night but also don't want to feel uncomfortable. I tried to remember what ladies were wearing at CSA but really can't picture it in my mind (either too many drinks or just totally focused on my husband - probably a little of both). I know people say to wear what you feel comfortable in but I am just now getting into dresses so nervous.

So excited to be going to CN!! Looking forward to a week with my husband with no phone calls and no computers.