Hi All!

First, let me go ahead and say thank you. I love this site already! It "sealed the deal" for our trip.

We fly out of Atl Fri am and fly out of Jamaica late Monday.

We are looking forward to the AN beach and snorkeling and that's pretty much all we have made up our minds to do.

B/C of our short stay, here are a couple of ?s for the experts.

1. We want the best room with the best view, preferrably away from the crowd? Which one do we book?
2. Out of all the restaurants onsite, which are "Can't Miss/Must Try"?
3. Is there one excursion worth the significant hunk of time it takes? (I'm thinking NO on horses, sightseeing, and shopping).
4. And finally, what MUST we do or try?

Thanks again and see you soon!!!

Jules and Dave