Hello all:

Me and my significant other are in the process of planning our honeymoon and we are considering CN this time around. I have already been to CSA and loved it. One of my many favorite things about CSA was the ability to stroll over to Seagrapes in my bathing suit whenever I needed a bite to eat. I really enjoyed the type of food and drinks they served there and it was very convenient.

I've been looking at the restaurants at CN and didn't come across anything that was similar to Seagrapes. I see there is a grill type of place where you can eat in your beachwear. However, I didn't really care for the food served at the grill at CSA and I'm concerned it will be similar at CN.

Am I missing something? Is there a place similar to Seagrapes at CN where you can eat in your beachwear?

Thanks in advance for any replies