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    Default Questions about room requests at CSS

    We are traveling to CSS for the first time in July and have booked a 1 bedroom ocean suite...I have read threads that indicate that the G block is quite nice-having a great balcony is we call the resort to request a room prior to arrival? I realize this may not be honored, but would like advice on this. Also I noticed that some of the restaurants require we book prior to arrival (like Disney) or make the reservation once we arrive? Any help would be appreciated-thanks

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    You can not make a room request before you arrive. We did ask for a ground floor room when we checked in the last time we were there because of some health problems, and they were more than happy to accomodate us. As long as one is available, they are happy to accomodate you.

    The dinner reservations are made after you get there and have your room number.

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    Make a room REQUEST when you arrive if you want, no guarantees. Same thing for restaurant reservations. No problem there.

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    You make resevations when u get there.
    You can do it when you check requests will do nothing beforehand. Wait until check in..see what you get and then make a may get g block anyway...we did

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    You cannot request anything or make any reservations until you have checked in at the resort and gotten your room number. No worries..... after checking in and receiving your room number then just step over to the concierge desk and if you want, make some dinner reservations for your stay then, and also sign up for the Dunns River Falls excursion and/or Trading Places with CTI. Our experience at CSS has been that they have your room already assigned... I'd recommend just going with the room they have for you, and after you get into it, then tell the bellman if you want something else.... you will most likely love your room, let fate decide for you.... if after seeing your room you really don't like it, then you can request something else if it is available.

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