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    Default need advice on activities!

    My husband and I are planning a trip to CSA in late July/Aug. However, we do not know how to swim. are there any water activities that are safe for non-swimmers? Do you think we would get the optimal experience in Negril without knowing how to swim?

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    We actually do very little swimming while at CSA. The pools are shallow so your feet easily touch bottom before you would have to swim. You can wade in the ocean out to what ever depth you are comfortable walking. You can take the catamaran cruise, it is a large boat and you don't have to do any swimming at all (you will have to wade out to the boat to get on, the water is about chest deep). Beyond that there is loads to do without having to swim. Just lounging about and having another drink is very popular and requires very little skill of any kind. Don't worry, you are going to have a great time!

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    I know this may sound silly, but I must try to encourage you to learn how to swim! You might be amazed at how easy it really is and you are missing out on so much! Unless you're made of solid muscle, most people float without even trying. I'm a full-figured gal and couldn't sink if I wanted to! :-) LOL Most area YMCA's offer swimming classes.

    With that said, though, the water at CSA is usually very calm and you could spend lots of time wading around without going too deep. Also, the chairs cushions act as floats so that could help. You could still take the catamaran cruise and use the flotation devices they provide if you want to get in the water. The glass-bottom boat ride would let you enjoy seeing some underwater stuff without getting wet. Of course, you can enjoy the shallow ends of the pools as well but I rarely use the pool because the ocean is so gorgeous! Ultimately, though... you will never regret learning to swim. You can do it! :-)

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    Fyi... My husband and I start swimming lessons on Monday!! yay! Bring on the water, we're gonna be ready!!

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    Congrats on your decision to learn to swim!!!! I too was a late comer to the joys of swimming!!! I almost drowned as a child and was afraid of the water after that! I happened to marry a man who swims like a fish, and then we moved to Florida and had a pool in the the stars were finally all aligned and my hubby taught me to swim in our backyard pool! So now I love to be in the water and we swim together when we go to CSS!!!

    Welcome to the water !

    All the best!

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    Just saying, my wife and I have discovered a water activity that we found to be alot of fun, it's called showering together! Can't wait to return to Swept Away!

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