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    Default Champagne question

    It seems like you can have sparkling wine in your minibar everyday? However it also says honeymooners get a bottle of sparkling wine as well. Are the minibar bottles airplane bottles?

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    No, they are full sized, or at least they were at Couples Negril. Very tasty as well. Don't remember the name.

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    No, full size!

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    The sparkling wine being available as a minibar option is relatively new (within the past year). All of the liquor bottles are liter size.

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    Good question... was wondering the same thing myself. Anyone know the difference?

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    Full size bottles. I do have sparkling wine in my minibar every day.

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    There is nothing mini about the mini bar, lol Bottle are full size, maybe the one you get as a honeymooner is of a higher quality?

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    Nope, full size...

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    We took advantage of this option at CSS.

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    Yes, I liked the Kraemer. Also enjoyed how they meet you with a glass of it for check in.

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    I can't wait to have some in 27 days!!

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