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    Default booking through couples site?


    i was wanting to know if anyone has booked their vacation through the couples site?
    i was thinking about booking the air & resort straight throught couples & not useing a travel agent this time but wasnt sure how reliable & safe it was & if there were any problems w/ the reservations
    any help would be appreciated....thanks in advance =]

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    Scorpio - I booked everyting through the couples site... haven't left yet though but airline has our reservation and everything looks like it's good to go!!

    We leave the 4th - home the 9th so I'll let you know when we get back but all looks ok

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    We were just at CTI May 7 - May 12 and had booked our trip back in October of 2011. We booked the resort and air both using the Couples website. When AirTran canceled and then changed our flight Couples took care of the issue and notified me of the change. No problems at all!

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    I booked our room through Couples but airfare separately so I could watch for the best deal. The Love Away Plan was great, reserved great prices and we had up until 45 days of departure to pay the balance. No problems at all!

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    We do the same as seajen. No worries

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