We just returned from Swept Away on Saturday. Great time! My review will come shortly. But I had to share this incident!!!!

We were sitting on our Beachfront Verandah when a woman walked up and asked if we liked our room. We told her we loved where we were. She then began a tirade about her Beachfront room across from where the weddings take place. She was "sick and tired of watching all these freakin weddings parade in front of my room!!!" She was also very upset that during one of the ceremonies it started to shower and some of the guests ran up onto her verandah. Wow!!!!! Guess she chose the wrong resort! I was stunned at her attitude. We love watching all the weddings, so romantic!

When we were checking out she was giving the Front Office a hard time and asking to have our room! She also complained that Security had removed her IPod Docking station from the Verandah in the middle of the night! I would've been so grateful that Security was taking care of my property.

I guess it takes all kinds! I don't think she would've been happy at the Ritz! Sure hope that's her last visit to a Couples Resort!