I just had a funny experience that I wanted to share. My mother passed along a photo album she put together of family, friends, trips, pets, etc. I was going through the beginning and saw a number of pictures of the Sans Souci.

After about 3 pages of beautiful vistas, lush foliage and, of course, Charlie, I finally go to pictures of us and of the lobby, and it was only then that I realized these pictures weren't taken at my wedding two years ago but somewhere in the late '80s (as is evidenced by my gigantic eyeglaass frames and asymmetric, big hair).

In any event, I called my mom to go through to see if she has more pics from those trips, and as soon as I get the rest, I'll have the scanned and post them here. I find it really amazing (in a good way) how little has changed in the overall tone of the resort (although the resort was a lot smaller then), and it made me remember all over again not only why I loved it when I was young and why I chose to get married there 20 years later.