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    Default Weather at end of August CTI?

    Has anyone been to CTI the end of August? I am going for my wedding August 25th and we are hoping we luck out with weather. I know it is during hurricane season, but I would love to know what weather people have experienced at that time! Also, we are scheduled for a sunset wedding (5:00pm) so I hope it doesn't tend to rain around then!

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    Hello allisonb543!
    My wife and I honeymooned August 30th 2003 at CTI and have been back 2 other times since, always the last week of August. We've experienced some periods of rain, but never anything more than an hour or two in any given day. In fact, it has been wonderful! The water is so warm..We have confirmed our 10th anniversary next year from 8/24-8/31.

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    My husband and I married on 8/26/11 at CTI. We arrived on the 23rd and stayed til the 30th. We had a few rain showers, a lot of humidity, and several overcast days. None of the weather affected our trip. We had a fabulous time.

    We did see two other weddings get rained out of their original location, but they were still beautiful nonetheless. Ours was on the beach on the sunniest day of the whole week. Heaven!

    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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    We were at CTI last August from the 19th to the 30th. The weather was PERFECT in Jamaica while they were having a hurricane back at home.

    Please make sure you have purchased trip cancellation insurance just in case!!

    Congratulations on the wedding!

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    we were married at CTI on 09/ was perfect!! We really didn't have any bad weather. We are going back this year 08/25 - 09/03, so we will see you there. congratulations on your up coming couldn't have picked a better place to celebrate!!

    106 days

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    We have been there 3 times, around the same time beacause we also were married Aug 25th. Never have had a problem, always been great for us. We are going again this year on Aug 31st! can not wait!!! maybe we will see you there!

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    Congrats on the upcoming wedding! We will be arriving at CSA on 8/25. We've never been to Jamaica during the summer, but it sounds like they have similar summer weather to us here in Florida. It's usually sunny early in the day, then may get overcast and have a few afternoon showers.

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