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    Default The best way to communicate home

    We will be leaving behind 4 children. (4,5,7,and7). This is our first trip out of the US. We definatly dont want any suprises on our cell phone bill so we will be leaving them turned off. One way or another we are going to call home everyday. Whats the best way? I have read that you can rent cell phones? What about buying a prepaid? Any suggestions? What does everyone else do?

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    You can buy a calling card at the resort gift shop.

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    We talk to our children everyday by Skype but they are in their 20's but still missing us

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    The wi-fi is free at the resorts so if you have a smart phone, email..., laptop, msn or skype. Some cell company's offer travel deals for exactly that reason.

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    Skype video calls. Need a webcam on your laptop at the wifi....need a webcam at home....set up a free skype acount on each. Calling is free and you can see everyone.

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    We do skype video calls and it works great on a laptop or tablet.

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    We also used video skype. However, sometimes "seeing" Mom & Dad sometimes makes the "little ones" miss them even more. That might make it more difficult for the sitter when the call is done. Not a problem for us as our daughter is a little older and thinks the video call is cool. Just keep it in mind.

    If Skype is not an option, they used to sell "JusTalk" calling cards in the gift shop. If they still carry them, you might have to ask the Sales Clerk for them. I don't think they had them readily displayed. One trip, we bought a 90 min card that was fairly inexpensive. There was an additional US$2.00 connection fee charged to the room per call.
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    We use the "Jus Talk" calling cards available in the gift shop. Very inexpensive and easy way to call back home. We have used them on all our trips so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohio61 View Post
    Skype video calls. Need a webcam on your laptop at the wifi....need a webcam at home....set up a free skype acount on each. Calling is free and you can see everyone.
    I use SKYPE mobile on my iphone and access via WiFi. No need for video or any set up and it is cheap and effective. Works great from ipad as well.

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    We went to CN a few years go and per the advice on this message board went to the gift shop to buy Jus Talk cards and they looked at us like we were on crack. They had never heard of it before. So we ended up just calling from our room with the operator connecting us. It was $1 a minute - charged to our room. We only talked to our kids for a few minutes every day and it was worth it. $5 a day is really not that bad for phone calls home.

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    I also recommend SKYPE. You can just use the audio feature with out video if you think the video would cause the tykes to miss you more. We relied on e-mail for the most part but our kids are older.

    If you are going to SKYPE and haven't done it before, test it out before you leave. That can help reduce any stress.

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    What we did after a few years of using the jus talk cards is buy a cheap cell phone there. Then get a new sim card(about $5) and add international minutes at the start of every tip.They usually run a special where you can get 2000 international minutes for $20. Or something close to that. Also, I believe you can probably use your current cell phone and just switch out the sim card with a digicel one. I didn't want to mess around with my phone and since we know we're going back at least once a year its nice to have our own "Jamaica phone". Not only was it cheapest way to call home but it was the most convenient.

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    Second Skype.... We use skype and email to communicate.

    I think we send a text message that we arrived safely, but other than that, we turn the phones off.

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    $1.00 a minute from your room for a phone call is not that bad ..... I call to check on our 14 year old cats (1 that has seizures & is on meds) & have parents that are almost 90 & have had to leave with them in the hospital in the past so called daily to check on them ..... We only talk for 5 - 10 minutes so it was not a big expense. We leave our Smartphones off but do check our e-mail at the internet cafe a couple of times a day.

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