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    My husband and I are going to CN for our first all inclusive experience this June.

    Any advice? He is bit into snorkeling, etc. We were wondering if we should plan for any excursions in advance or can you book them once you arrive?

    Also, I'd love to hear any "must" dos.

    thanks for your time.

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    We are going in June as well. We've been once already. One MUST-DOs is the Catamaran Cruise. It only leaves on certain days, so make sure you sign up for it. We would also recommend taking the Glass Bottom Boat excursion, as well. As far as snorkeling goes, we didn't do any of that, but from my understanding, you can sign up for it when you get there. Our biggest mistake was overpacking. We spent all day in our swimwear, and changed clothes for dinner in the evening. If you want to do jet skis, those are provided by outside vendors, so it will cost for it. Warning: they are pushy! Overall, we absolutely LOVE CN!! The food is great! The beach and ocean are so relaxing!

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    OK, Be excited ! You are going to CN for your first AI experience. You are in for a treat. Do not worry about planning anything right now. When you get there, just do what you feel like doing at the time. You don't have to plan too much. Just take it all in and enjoy. There are many times you can sign up for snorkeling and there are many days to do the catamaran trip. We remember our first CN trip and now we are going to trip # 8. We are just as excited as the first.

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    Default june at CN "must" dos.

    Wifey and I used to make all these great plans of things we would do when we were at CN. Never fails. As soon as we get off the bus and get those first Dirty Bananas, all plans are off. Usually do the Cat Cruise. Last couple of times we didn`t even leave the resort. Why bother? The orientation tour can be helpful for Future Repeaters . Walk the beach(remember that "No Thank You" goes a long way). Try the Au Natural beach if you feel comfortable doing so. Enjoy your time with your S.O. away from the Rat Race. Once you go, you`ll know.

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    thanks all!

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