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  1. Default New Wedding Enhancements now shown on our website

    Couples Resorts

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    Thank you for posting these. Can these be purchased for an anniversary or other celebrations? Would they be the same price?

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    Hi! I was looking at the "just because" romance package and it says "A sensual spa treatment with a $100 spa credit." So, are you getting just a $100 credit to choose whatever you want? OR is it some sort of spa treatment in addition to a 100 credit? And if so, what "sensual spa treatment"? Also, can this "spa" credit be used in the salon? Thanks!!

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    Hi - the enhancement may be purchased for any occasion.

    The "sensual spa treatment" is just an expression. The credit is for whatever we offer in the spa.

    Couples Resorts

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    Hi Randymon,.

    We are from Ireland and would like to view the enhancements.

    We have reserved a wedding date 18th June at CTI.

    The link redirects us to the UK couples website which does not have the enhancements on.

    Can you help please.
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    As Shaowei & Mal say, the links you are putting up recently aren't accessible from across The Pond. The same applies to the photo competition winners link for example.

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